Your initial consultation

Your initial consultation is free of charge.   This is when we meet for the first time and discuss your needs and expectations and establish realistic goals.  We will also discuss your suitability for exercise and any adjustments that may be needed. Then, if you decide that my service is right for you, we can book you in for your first session and start working together to achieve those goals and more.  

                Your first session

 Your  first session will be comprised of a full body assessment including: 

  • Weight and height 

  • Blood pressure reading and general health questions 

  • You will be asked to keep a food diary

  • Body measurements and skin fold measurements to determine body fat percentage

  • A general fitness test to establish a baseline to build on.

Core strength and stability

      H.I.I.T    (High Intensity Interval Training)


 Increasing muscle mass

Strength and conditioning 

Training adapted to your needs

Using Kettle Bells with confidence

Lifting for women and G.V.T. (German volume training)

     Sports specific training

                (I can help with that too)

Training with a friend or partner is fun